A FreeMiNT client for the DICT protocol


GEMDict is a graphical application that should run on any original Atari computer or compatible or emulator that is capable of running the FreeMiNT operating system and NVDI. It is being developed under the XaAES graphical interface but does not make use of any specific options of it so other AESs like N.AES or MyAES should be usable too.

GEMDict is an Internet client for the Dictionary Server Protocol, DICT in short. DICT servers make available collections of (mostly English) dictionaries, translating dictionaries, thesauruses and databases that are accessible separately at other locations.

GEMDict connects to such a DICT server and allows the user to look up definitions of words or phrases, either from all databases available, a subset of them, or a single one.

The standard DICT server found at offers a web interface that mostly does the same thing as a dedicated client but may a client can be more useful, since it is better integrated within the operating system in use.

You can download it on this page and see screenshots on this page.

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